Thriller Fiction : Know Basic Principle Of A Good Thriller

As simple as the initial questions are what make thriller fiction become more attractive to readers and how to make thriller really thrilling? What is mechanism of thriller fiction writing and how does it work? Which factor of common element that I should pick up for my writing? And end up with a kind of question like how to write a successful thriller fiction?

The answer is really rely on human psychology and biology, which about how people think and how they behave as well as mechanism on how their brains work.

Why thriller stories scare us?

I have to say that not all of thriller make us scared, this is just because it is really depend on how the stories were written, if they were written badly, they may not be horrified enough. The word “scare” refers to something that make us feel of fright or fear or may lead to the feeling of death to people. However, the reason why not all thriller stories make us scared is something also depends on the objective of the writer, which he/she might want something else from readers, not just to make people horrified.

In fact, it is quite simple to understand that horrified is a fundamental manner of human, which is what exactly about what can disturb or interfere our security and this is the aim of writing of thriller fiction.

However, there are some argument existing around, which is about is it only necessary for thriller just to scare people? Are there any other purposes of writing thriller? And what about humour, Is it possible to combine humour and horror together. The answer is yes and they can be combined perfectly. In fact, humour is a close relation to fear and a common reaction.

Emotional interference

Emotional interference refers to the circumstances that weaken human feeling of security and this is the main touch base of writing thriller fiction. By trying to write about something emerge suddenly without notice, which make us very reluctant to open the door, or after we have seen a scene of gush flying around the room and then after we see a man on the street wielding the knife, then we start to feel sacred, this is the way of our feeling of security has been weakened.

Find out where the scare come from

Firstly, you have to define what really scare is, what we call scare. Something like disembowelled child and the paedophile are, even what the creep is doing, but that’s not the scare, or the horror. Instead what we call real scare is what can interfere inside you, what can make your emotion change into feeling of unsecured. Effective thriller writer have to access to readers heart to find out where is the readers secret corner of fear.

Have you ever wondered that why some of thriller books can keep readers staying to read without going anywhere? This is just because the writer can find that secrets as well as th writer also provide good books invoke images, the product of the reader’s imagination and that imagination is the worm hole we use to take our reader’s comfortable emotional world and to give it a prod.

Tatiya T.