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The Power of Positive Reading


Today, I reached for a little book in my library that I purchased at a second-hand store about a dozen years ago.

This volume is a first edition of Norman Vincent Peale’s classic, “The Power of Positive Thinking.”

I can’t tell you how rewarding it is.

In it you’ll find the genesis of many of today’s self-help nostrums.

There are secrets of developing self-confidence, restoring your flagging energy, and achieving inner peace, and if you apply them exactly as suggested, they’ll probably work very well.

What I’m struck by as much as the content is the tone of the book, which is consistently polite and respectful. This is a welcome respite from the haranguing we’re exposed to relentlessly in contemporary media, and even in popular self-help books.

Perhaps the closest any current voice comes to Mr. Peale’s is that of Wayne Dyer. There’s no scorn or vitriol in either gentleman’s books, and that’s incredibly refreshing.

At times, Peale sounds totally up to date and pertinent, though his specific examples are quaint. He tells how old grandfather clocks, with their large pendulums promoted calmness because they seemed to whisper that there’s plenty of time.

Modern clocks tick so quickly that they frantically and nervously seem to say that we have to get back to work.

Substitute ubiquitous cell phone ring tones, email, instant messaging, and voice mail, and you’ll probably see as I did that Peale was ahead of his time.

Want to succeed?

The formula hasn’t changed a bit. One of its key ingredients is rediscovering the power of positive reading!

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