The Chase – Clive Cussler

If you are looking for some serious nail-biting thriller, check out the new Clive Cussler’s latest novel The Chase. Based on the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, this historical adventure thriller novel will keep you hooked right from the first chapter to the last page of the book.

The Chase is Cussler’s first book that is not co-written with any other writer in the last four yours. The book is about Eliah Ruskin an intelligent bank robber and killer and his successful robberies. The amazing narration on Ruskin plans his execution, escaping without being noticed and more that would not let you keep the book down. Isaac Bell is hired by the U.S. government for an operation to catch Ruskin who is successful in removed all the witnesses. Bell realises that he has encountered one of the most demonic criminal in his tenure.

The delighting novel is filled with suspense, action and adventure. Cussler is at his best in the novel with the wildest and entertaining historical thriller. Cussler has displayed his love for cars by giving an inclusion of fast cars and other speed machines like Mercedes, Simplex, Rolls-Royce limousine and Locomobile gives the story an animation. Cussler himself is a collector of classic automobiles. He currently owns 85 of the finest examples of custom coachwork and 50’s convertibles to be found anywhere.

The Chase is considered one of the best works of Cussler till date. However, it is detailed and precise, it is meant for quick readers. Clive Cussler fans would love this piece of his work where romance turns out to be the most unexpected theme. The hero of the story is multi-faceted and the way which the story unfolds is enchanting in its own way. As the mystery unfolds, an unexpected conclusion awaits the readers to get tantilised.