Silence Speaks for Love by Emma Goldrick (Harlequin Romance)

Silence Speaks for Love by Emma Goldrick (Harlequin Presents #1465)

Writer Brian Stone is at a party when he sees Mandy, who is being bothered by some men. He rescues her and then yells at her for not calling for help. At first he doesn’t realize that she is mute. It is only after she collapses at his house and he keeps her there to care for her that he learns what happened to her.

Mandy lived with her missionary parents in Africa when rebels attacked their home. Mandy’s mother hides with her in a closet and tells her to be quiet, but Mandy is so frightened that she whimpers. The rebels find them and the last thing her mother does is shield her daughter from the bullets that kill her. Mandy has not spoken since and Brian likes that, he doesn’t want a secretary that answers back, so he hires Mandy. Later, he proposes to Mandy and she accepts.

Brian doesn’t know that Mandy has been in love with him since the moment she saw him. Since he doesn’t know sign language he doesn’t realize that she is constantly signing ” I love you” to him. This is a sweet, gentle love story and Mandy is a compelling heroine. There is some conflict including a woman who wants Brian, but Mandy is a pretty feisty woman.

One amusing thing in the books is Liza, a Great Dane who belongs to Brian, but immediately falls in love with Mandy and follows her everywhere. Brian just casually asked where Mandy was and Liza went to Mandy, gently took Mandy’s hand in her mouth and dragged her to Brian. She does this a couple of times and on neither occasion is Mandy totally dressed.