Romance at Its Best – Private Flings Considered

Folks that are married know better, they vow to remain faithful, they no doubt love their spouse or once did and then something happens that makes them think, consider and perhaps, play in a most dangerous game, risking all they have built and all they stand for a secret rendezvous encounter. Why do they do it, how do they do it and what comes over them in this heated passionate period. Perhaps, such things are better told in story form than on the self-help book shelves of love and romance.

For those who have thought or would like to entertain such thoughts, indeed, a romance novel of this type is one of the favorite genres of this venue. Indeed, if you are interested in reading such a story, a novel, a book that dares to take you through and encounter with your hidden passion, somewhere you would never actually go, but find fancy and fantasy worthy of your entertainment reading time; then may I be so bold as to suggest that you read:

"Private Affairs; they risked love to live a dream " by Judith Michael; Pocket Books Division of Simon and Schuster; New York, NY 1987.

They had built the American Dream together, he was a senator, she was a TV talk show guest and writer, they lived well and deserved it for all their hard work, but each of them wanted more and engaged in private affairs. They were ripping their world apart for their 'private passions' and as the world came tumbling down around their American Dream, they salvaged their empire, their marriage and their love. If you like such romantic intrigue then this is the book for you.