Office Romance

Office romance just doesn't carry the same stigma it did a generation ago.

Some people believe that if men and women were not meant to fall in love with their co-workers, they'd be working elsewhere. Love is supposed to be able to conquer all-from miles of ocean to years of war, and so the cubicles of an office should be small work for it. However, the office can also become the site of some of the most ill-fated romances and so office romances need to be analyzed before they are put in to practice.

Even if they go unnoticed, office romances are common in most work places. The reason is simple enough: When people spend many hours together, attractions are inevitable. No one can be expected to leave their amorous desires outside the walls of the office since they are not garments- they are omnipresent states of mind. However, office ethics are to be considered even when the romance is restricted to mere flirtatious glances and exchange of romantic messages. Many offices have strict rules regarding liaisons between employees and any breach of these could lead to immediate termination. On the other hand, some offices do not put forth any restrictions and may even encourage inter-employee courtship, since it is easier for them cater to married couples than single employees.

Office romances depend on quick development since they can become sour experiences if they catch the eyes of superiors. Thus, an office romance needs to evolve in to a substantiated relationship quickly or it could be considered frivolous and irresponsible behavior. However, this should not give people the license to rush into relationships, since every romance depends on understanding the partners-personality and compatibility. Romances between workers poised at different levels in the company hierarchy should ideally be strictly avoided. They can cause a lot of jealousy and ill will within the office, especially as far as the employees in lower positions are concerned. In such cases, every promotion will become a topic for gossip, and the reputation of the "office slut" will haunt employees for all future appointments.