My Best Book By A Contemporary Author

I can boast of having read over 500 novels in the last 5 years. That averages 2 novels in a week. I read on a wide range of topics; crime, love, eros, maniacs, biography, autobiography, and a whole lot of others.

I have no preferences, neither in authors, nor in the styles. I love reading on a fair plane. I appreciate the effort authors put in their books. I can barely mention 5 authors even though I breathe novels, this is because I forget the thrill of past novels once I read another. It is fair to say as a flirt of novels, I live in the moment.

There is this one book I can't seem to get out of my head though. A book that has made me read all the other works of its fantastic author and made me a fan of the legend. A book of inestimable worth- Tell Me Your Dreams, written by the Great late Sidney Sheldon in 1998. The book has a critic rating of 3.9 / 5 on sites like Goodreads, but trust me, there is more to that book than meets the eyes . I have read higher-rated books but none stands that great work by Sidney Sheldon.

Starting the novel on a light note, Mr. Sheldon progressed to a suspense key, then to a scary part and then back to being a thriller. Just when you think you can guess the end of the story, you will be astonished by your folly after reading a few more pages. In his own special way, Sidney managed to create a special connection between the characters of the novel and the reader, in such a way that you get sentimental towards the least important character. He managed to trigger a million emotions. His style enforces the reader to pick sides. You unconsciously pity Ashley at a point, then you hate her when Toni presents her case, later you like her, then her boring life interests you, and so on. You feel betrayed at some of the characters' actions. Mr. Sheldon's masterpiece creates a self-consciousness in you as you become aware of every personality you exhibit.

Using Ashley Patterson, Toni Prescott and Alette Peters, Mr. Sheldon creates a separate entity, which makes the reader praise, or insult the characters only to discover that they are all in fact, one character with different personalities and the only person in the dark is YOU.

The magnificence of 'Tell ME Your Dreams' is beyond the covers of the pages.

In 202 pages, Mr. Sheldon managed to evoke a thousand feelings and sentiments and he created a world of speed, hurt, anticipation, guilt and calmness.

It is a book full of psychological brain gameplay. Mr. Sheldon presented the alters with tricky ideas, using his imagination to evoke the readers' logic mind to find out what the issues really were, are, and could be.

Okay. If he did not include Multiple-Personality Disorder (MPD), he still could have made a million plots. The work is just brilliant. He built a good foundation for the characters and then left them to flourish on their own. His research on the subject matter makes the reader feel he is a master in the field of psychology.

Brilliant work, one for any and every author to look up to!

And I end this with my popular quote; "A life without having read Sidney Sheldon's 'Tell Me Your Dream' is a life half-lived."