Love, Laughter and Parenting – A Recommended General Parenting and Family Book


Love, Laughter and Parenting – In the Precious Years from Birth to Six

By Steve and Shaaron Biddulph

Published by DK

This book  is different to most other parenting books which take the ‘problems’ we face as parents and tries to address them.  “This book [instead] is about the fun and heart of parenting. “

The first six years the authors note are called the ‘precious years’ as during these years the foundations of trust and confidence are being laid down which in turn have an impact on all the years to come.  This book ensures that we do not stay stuck in the problems and dramas of the first six years but instead helps us to get the most out of them, enjoy them and have fun. 

What appeals to me the most about this general parenting and family book is the format that it has been written in.  I have always been a fan of the DK publisher’s series of books as I am a visual learner and I like to see pictures and quotes and easy reference boxes in non-fiction books if I can.  This book is presented like a magazine and so even when I have nappy brain and only a small window of time in my day I am able to pick it up and find a wee piece of gold in it. 

It isn’t meant to be read from cover to cover.  You could of course give yourself that parenting overview, or you could read each of the early childhood stages as they pertain to you.  I think it is important to be one step ahead all the time, and know what is coming and around the corner.  I also think it is important to read each stage several times.  I find that I am able to gain new insights from the Biddulph’s as my child is progressing through the stages. 

 This book has helped me to connect with the simple and important points of being a parent.  It is not for the hyper-parent but instead it is for the parent who wants to make a connection with their child and nurture them. 

On page 110 the Bidduplph’s note, “There are two secrets of play with babies, keep it simple and gentle and use lots of repetition”.  Maybe in this hyped up age of parenting it is important for us to be reminded of these simple things.  Perhaps our new baby doesn’t need the latest musical, flashing Baby Einstein product, but instead yet another round of peek-a-boo with you!

I think this is a must have book for your parenting bookshelf.  It has honestly helped inspire me, supported me, informed me and helped me think through my own philosophy on parenting.  The photos in the book tell a whole story on their own.

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