Learn the Motivation 50-50 Rule

This is a great rule to think on when trying to figure out the optimum way to get motivated. I came across it while researching personal development a few times and I think its an awesome idea and needs to be shared. Also, I want to point out that for some people this rule may be a little off like 25-75 or 75-25 etc. The rule represents something and for most people it is right on the money. But if you feel like you are stronger at motivating yourself than what goes on around you feel free to think about it in another ratio. The rule was never meant to be exact its more like a rule of thumb.

The 50-50 rule is this, 50 percent of your motivation comes from within and 50 percent of your motivation comes from your environment. This means no more motivation comes from within a person than a part that lies outside and beyond control.

50 percent of success depends on the team and 50 percent on the leader.” -Anonymous

An example would be a child in school at a young age who loves math. The child’s progress will depend on the quality of the math teachers he or she gets. The child will have to do his or her part but the influence from the teacher will also effect the child’s developing and learning of math.

One definition of Motivation means the power of initiating or producing movement. Motivation is directly related to the 50-50 rule. Motivation covers what happens inside individuals in terms of wanting to do something and also what happens outside them as they are influenced by others, circumstances, and environments. When someone is motivating you they are trying to change the strength or direction of your motive energy.

Use the 50-50 Rule to Your Benefit

Now that you know what the 50-50 rule is I’m going to give you some points to use it in your everyday life.

If your trying to get motivated a good place to start is by figuring out what in your life is demotivating you. Remember 50 percent of your motivation comes from outside factors like people, environment, and circumstances. Sometimes you don’t have immediate control over these factors but if you don’t you can work your way out of circumstances that might be demotivating you. The other part of your motivation comes from within. You can immediately start seeing results by learning, changing the way you think, getting healthy, and many more. Their are lots of great articles on my blog homepage to help you out here.

Outside factors are a lot harder to change in most cases than the internal ones. This doesn’t mean they are impossible are even close, but remember you can’t always change the way other people think or act. It would be in your benefit if you could convince people you socialize to devote to personal development but you can never make someone devote to something. They have to want to on their own. You can change your environment like where you live or your job. You can also avoid circumstances that are going to negatively impact your mood and replace them with positive ones. Some questions to think about…

  • Does my job make me happy?
  • Do my friends make me happy?
  • Are the activities I do influencing me to be happy?
  • Am I happy with my finances?
  • Am I happy with my home?

If you answer no to any of these or any other outside factors consider making some changes so you can live a happier life.

The good news is that its really easy to change your internal motivators. Learning and applying what you learn is one of the best ways to improve your internal motivation. For more internal motivation read more articles on my blog and you will be on your way to a happy life.