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Imagine Having a Family Like That – The Weird Sisters Reviewed

Our book club picked “The Weird Sisters,” By Eleanor Brown as the book to read last month. Personally, I thought that it could have been slightly condensed into a short story, but it was a good read considering the family dynamics of the three sisters, each playing a part in the psychological “birth order theory” and I suppose a psychologist would have more preferred the book for its nuance than a regular reader that didn’t have siblings to grow up with. Let’s talk.

In the book the dad of the three sisters was a Literary Teacher, he named his kids after Shakespearian characters, plus or minus, variations of character names if you will. When he spoke to his daughters he used Shakespeare quotes, which made it tough to get a good read on what he was saying, and that made growing up a little different from a normal family – what’s normal right? Yes, imagine growing up in a family like that.

Interestingly enough the author of the book wanted to name it “Trinity” at first, 3-daughters, and use Biblical Quotes as the man would have been a preacher, she decided not to because that might limit the books marketability and audience. I had wondered while reading the book; what if the dad was a General quoting Sun Tzu, Karl Von Clausewitz, Machiavelli, Winston Churchill, Eisenhower, Schwatzkoff, and Rommel? Or, what if the dad was a physicist quoting all sorts of equations, mathematics, and quotes from Einstein, Hawking, Sagan, Arthur C Clarke, Feynman and other notables in science?

That too would have made a nice book, or short story, maybe a series would be good, kind of like Sue Grafton with her books A-Z strategy? Or like Ben Bova the science fiction writer writing about each planet in his stories?

This book generated lots of thoughts at our book club as everyone related it to their lives, their siblings and how they and their brothers and sisters had grown, perhaps fit the birth order stereotypes or not. Would I recommend this book to other book clubs? Yes, yes I would, but beware, not everyone is going to like it, and it will bring up your own baggage of growing up, family dynamics, after all, as I said “what’s normal” and are any families really normal, thankfully not is the way I see it. I hope you too will enjoy this book and then think on it.