Getting Scrapbook Page Ideas From Literature and Fiction


Looking for a few good scrapbook page ideas? Why not look to your favorite books for inspiration? Literature in its many forms provides the creative scrapbooker with a huge selection of colorful characters to base your next project on. If you want to go the full monty, why not create a scrapbook about the whole story instead? For example, you can create a page about Esmeralda, the hunchback, or about the story in the novel itself. Get the idea?

Think about your favorite book and about the possible scrapbook page ideas that you can get out of it. Lots of scrapbookers get their inspiration from their favorite novels and literary characters, and you should try it too. Let’s say that you love reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories about Sherlock Holmes. Wouldn’t it be cool to create a scrapbook album about this fictional detective? You can create several pages out of the different adventures that Sherlock Holmes and his partner Watson gets into, like “The Hound of the Baskervilles” or maybe “The Red-Headed League”. That would be an awesome project for you and your friends who share the same interests in literature!

For those who love reading books (no matter what genre), a well-loved story or poem can be a source of scrapbooking inspiration. Authors and writers tend to write their pieces so vividly, with colorful details and descriptive scenarios, that it would be an easy task to picture out a particular element from the book and translate that into scrapbooking. A well-designed scrapbook may even attract those who haven’t read the book yet and pique their interest, therefore gaining another fan.

It can be a hefty project for some people to create an album or even just a page about a novel or a fictional character. No matter how popular the book or character is, you will be sure to meet lots of people who don’t have the slightest idea what your subject is all about, so you might have to take a bit time explaining the theme to them. This is a great opportunity to share your interests and what it is about the book or character that inspired you to create the scrapbook.

If you don’t feel like telling the story behind the story, however, you always have the option of putting all the details into the journaling and letting your work speak for itself. After all, the fans of the book will instantly recognize your work (and will love it). You cannot please everybody, after all.

Non-fictional characters can also provide inspiration for future projects. There are lots of biographies about famous people, and all you have to do is pick one and let the stories in the book shape your scrapbook design. If you want to create a scrapbook about one of your real-life heroes, for example, this will give you a chance to provide many details about his or her life that few people know about. The only difficulty would be doing a lot of research about the person, so that you avoid putting fictitious details in your scrapbook about a real person.

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