Florence in the Book Inferno by Dan Brown

Inferno, the latest Dan Brown's novel, is a thriller set in contemporary Florence. The book (and the movie) is full of references to the past of this city, which since the Middle Ages was one of the reference of civilization.

The plot of Inferno by Dan Brown combines perfectly the fears and anxieties of the modern man with the mysterious poem of Dante, who in his journey visits what he supposes to be the underworld.

The protagonists of the plot in the modern Florence go through the places and experiences of the famous Florentine poet, emulating in some ways the story of his life. Dante was persecuted for his political views, which forced him to exile from Florence for a long part of his life and he never come back to Florence.

The novel by Dan Brown takes out a different vision of Florence than the most known vision, which is rather inspired by the great art works of the Renaissance time.

The image of Florence that we can read in the novel by Dan Brown, Inferno, is inspired by the medieval period. The Florentine medieval period is less majestic but certainly mysterious and fascinating. Human beings were still searching their identity in darkness of ignorance, unawareness that thanks to some very great people like Dante and the subsequent Renaissance began to thin out, in order to create a more positive outlook on life and consciousness.

Even today in Florence there are many places and references of Dante's life that can be visited and appreciated for the way they were in the past.

In his novel Dan Brown brings to a wide public a story of great charm and mystery and also still existing historical sites of great importance for all humanity.

In the novel Inferno Dan Brown can be the key between the past and the present with regard to the great fears and anxieties that afflict always the collective imagination of mankind, in modern fictional continuity.

The great success of the book and the subsequent movie shot on the plot of Dan Brown's novel have aroused a great interest in the places where they carry out the important phases of history: old buildings, secret passages and medieval towers in Florence are just some of the scenarios, which can be visited with guides who can explain every detail of the plot and of the city, thanks to special Inferno guided tours organized in Florence.

Thanks to Dan Brown the millions of tourists who annually visit Florence may well see less famous places of touristic places, enjoying a different aspect of the city that even if less artistic results to be far more mysterious and intriguing.