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Dreama's Destiny (Strangers of Darkness) by Jennifer Hines and Mindy Bigham, A Book Review

Jennifer and Mindy scorched the pages of this book, and the story did not disappoint either. The storyline was fascinating, and captured your interest from the start. Literally. From the very first page.

The story and main character kept you stuck like superglue to each page, unable to put the book down. I'm actually not sure if it was the storyline or the unabashed way it was told. The writing draws you into the character's heart and insists you feel exactly as she does. Is that fantasy at work? I'm not sure but you want to fantasy to work for you before you finish the book.

I don't think the story was so intense you lost sight of the whole picture, but you certainly did have to take a breath at times. Great loves stories that are written as this one is do that to you. And they make you search for more; another story just like this one. Thankfully Jennifer and Mindy are still writing.

I do have to admit though, and this is a spoiler of sorts. When Zane turned out to be a vampire, I thought oh dung. Vampires are not something I like to read about. That has just never been my cup of comfort. But how these authors wrote that into the story, not only surprised me, it melded it into a perfect okay for me. Seriously, I would have dated this character. That in itself is earth shattering.

Dreama had a huge mountain to climb in several aspects of her life, but she did it with a determination and grace that made you admire her. She showed those who sought to harm her that she would not be defeated and in fact would be a force to be reckoned with. You felt her fears, loved her courage, and wanted to help her shore up any intimidations she felt, or cheer on Zane to do just that.

Zane, her love and soul mate. You felt the fire of their love, written so there would be no doubt; written so you could touch their souls and feel their hearts beating as one. Zane did have his own demons, or shall we better put it, more than 100 years of being a single noncommittal vampire with an, I don't need anyone attitude, that he fought to deny was stripped by a single kiss from Dreama. That loss felt like he lost perspective and control, putting him in the I will conquer attitude which just made it all the more fun.

The story is about the life of Dreama, but yet it is so much more. Dream's destiny is just a breath as the story unfolds into the fantasy world of what that destiny really is; what all her abilities encompass and what they really mean.

Jennifer and Mindy immerse you into their lives letting you feel their emotions, live their pains, sorrows, love and hope. When a story captures your emotions, it is one you remember. Even if you don't enjoy it, you will still remember it.

This book is not only one you will enjoy, but I am very certain in will remember. Some of it you will remember explicitly. It's that moving, creative and exciting, and one you want more of. I can't wait for the next one. The ending leaves you hoping the second book will be out tomorrow.