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Is Heaven For Real? The title of this book is a statement. The first sentence of my review is a question, and I will explain why. I try to focus on spiritual fiction books, however I seem to be drawn to books that give definitive answers on religious and heavenly subjects that are almost impossible to prove. I understand and accept that people are entitled to their opinion and to tell their story. The difficulty arises when there seem to be so many stories and opinions holding themselves out as the truth. “Heaven is for Real” is quite similar to the books “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven” and “My Time In Heaven”. I would ask that you read and decide for yourself.

“Heaven is for Real” is the #1 New York Times Bestseller telling the story of Colton Burpo, a young boy who suffered a burst appendix which was undiagnosed for several days. Once he was diagnosed, he was rushed into emergency surgery and fortunately was operated on successfully. It was while under anesthesia that Colton experienced many miraculous incidences and saw several things that would ultimately convince him, his parents and others that “Heaven is for Real”.

A few months after his surgery, Colton reveals to his parents out of the blue that while he was in the hospital having his surgery “That’s where the angels sang to me”. They had not coached him or asked him any specific questions about the surgery itself, they had simply asked him if he remembered the hospital. To their credit, they do not push the issue, and let it go for the time being until they can discuss it without Colton present.

Without trying to pressure Colton to reveal too much from their questions, his parents Todd and Sonja broach the subject of Colton’s experiences slowly. They have first-hand knowledge of what Colton has been taught about The Bible, and the things that he tells them are amazingly similar to what is in The Bible. As they progress, he tells them about sitting in the lap of Jesus, notices the “markers” (nail marks) on his hands, seeing angels, meeting John the Baptist and describing how each were clothed. Towards the end of the book, he also indicates what Jesus looks like from a drawing that was done by another girl who had had a similar experience. This girl was older and an excellent artist – she was able to draw an amazing portrait which Colton pointed out as a picture of the Jesus he met.

I am compelled to inform you that Colton’s father is a pastor with extensive knowledge of The Bible. He can (and does) relate every experience told to him by Colton to a passage in The Bible. These are quoted throughout the book, yet he is adamant that there is no way Colton could have known how to describe these things. There are other things Colton explains that happened in the hospital away from where he was having surgery while he was under anesthetic. Unless these were related to him after the fact, there was no way he could have known of these things. One involving his father was intensely personal and private, and I can’t imagine that his father had told anyone else. The details are related to you in the book, with no other explanation other than that “Heaven is for Real”.

I would recommend that you read “Heaven is for Real” and I would particularly recommend that you compare it to the two other books mentioned above or to others that are similar. I don’t profess to have ever met anyone personally who has been to heaven and back, however there seem to be quite a few books being written about the experience. Whether or not Colton Burpo’s experience was real or not is probably known only for certain to him and those he met in Heaven. In my opinion, something happened that made a small boy survive under circumstances where his chances were very slim. I wish Colton all the best, and hope that the next time he meets Jesus, “Heaven IS for Real”.

“Heaven is for Real”

Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent

Thomas Nelson

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