Cecelia Ahern: If You Could See Me Now

I picked this book to read, expecting it to be very similar to Cecelia Ahern's two other books – "PS I Love You," and "Where Rainbows End." I enjoyed both these books very much, finding them easy to read and real 'page turners'. Neither was particularly thought provoking, being light, romantic tales.

I was in the library and hurriedly read the synopsis on the back cover of this book, and thought that this was another romantic novel, similar in style to the other two. As I started to read it, I had to reread the synopsis, as what I was reading was quite different to what I expected.

The tale revolves around the fact that when children have 'invisible friends', these are not imaginary, but people sent from another planet, who can only be seen by the child who needs them. The 'invisible friend' is clearly visible to the child, but not to his parents or other children. The child has been visited by this invisible friend because they need help with something, such as self confidence or mixing with other children. The invisible friend helps the child overcome their problem, and then when the child no longer needs help, the child can no longer see the invisible friend, who then moves on to help another needy child.

I thought that this was a lovely idea, and felt sad that I never had an 'invisible friend' when I was young!

The invisible friends are also available to help the elderly and very ill, who again have very special needs. There is one invisible friend in the story that works in a hospice, helping people until they die and then moving on to help someone else.

In the story, a young boy has an invisible friend, but it soon becomes clear that his carer (his Auntie) can also see the invisible friend. It is a voyage of discovery for both the Auntie and the invisible friend, who has never been needed by an adult before. It is a heart-warming tale, and I was left feeling very uplifted after I had read it.

The Auntie learns about things she is missing out on in life, but does not realise that no one else can see her new 'invisible friend'.

I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone. This book makes you feel that there is more to life than what we see and that children who are visited by 'invisible friends' are truly blessed!