Brainstorming Ideas Successfully For Non Fiction Books


Writing non fiction books is easier than it seems. The only thing you need is a great, compelling and unique idea that you are passionate about and related to a topic you know people is also willing to learn more about. Doesn’t this seem simple enough? Probably… the only drawback is that you need to get that fantastic initial idea first. This is probably the most difficult task as one you get started it is easier to find multiple ways in which you can work over that great initial idea.

In order to start writing compelling and interesting non fiction books you need first to have an idea of what your book will be about. Your options are infinite as there are thousands of topics you can write about and therefore, your personal and professional interests, your academic background or even your qualifications will guide you towards a topic you are interested in, find challenging and know enough to write about. Make sure that you really like the topic you choose for your non fiction books as you will probably spend a lot of time writing and editing them and it is easy to get bored with them. It is also important that you have a sound knowledge of what you are writing about as it will make it easier for you to do the research and to distinguish new and worth sharing data with information that has been shared plenty of times before.

Another worth trying strategy when brainstorming ideas for your non fiction books is to think in terms of human needs. Thus, your articles or books will provide an answer to those people interested in satisfying them. Interesting topics you may be interested in writing about may include: making money, leading a healthier life, improving your self-esteem and so on.

Once you choose the general topic, try to figure out which approach you want to give to the subject. This will help you to decide which the best way to present it is. Think about using powerful words that will immediately attract the attention of your readers. They must be naturally drawn to your article or non fiction books. For instance, some excellent ideas you should consider are:

• How To…

• The Hidden Secrets Towards…

• Discover How To…

Brainstorming ideas for non fiction books is easy and it can also be fun but you have to make sure that the ideas you want to write about are really hot. If people are not interested in knowing how to do something or in unveiling the secret towards something else, they just won’t buy your book or click on your article.

Checking how hot your topic is can easily be done on the Internet and you can also do it by reading newspapers and magazines. The more people are talking about an issue, the hotter it is and more chances you have of succeeding in drawing people to your article or non fiction books. Needless to say, if too many people are talking about that subject you have to make sure that you are not offering the same ideas said in a different way. Try to offer a new approach, point of view or perspective and people will turn their eyes to your work.

Once you decide on the topic and the way you are going to deal with it, it is very important that you do a thorough research and make sure you investigate the topic in all its possible angles. Try to brainstorm more ideas for your non fiction books and get yourself into writing.

If you still find it hard to brainstorm ideas for non fiction books, discuss the topic with different people. They are always willing to help you and may even suggest you interesting ways of dealing with the topic you want to write about.

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