Books on Short Stories: Enjoy Brevity and Variety

In the words of Edgar Allan Poe: "A short story must have a single mood and every sentence must be build towards it."

You are about to set out on a journey all alone and have no clue on how to kill time on your way-get your hands on a book of short stories . With a companion like this, you will be surprised how quickly the time flies. Each sip of your favorite coffee can be made more stimulating with an interesting short story. Relaxing in your bathtub, reading a short-and-sweet love tale can be a sensual experience. Read aloud to your kids a short fantasy tale every night and see the spark gleaming on their cute faces. Such books are easily available online and at discount prices.

What kind of books on short stories available on portals?

Most of the such stories genre that you find on online bookstores are those that fit into every age-group and interest. For kids and young adults, they have fairy tales and adventure stories. Then, for adults, there are books on themes like love, sex, and erotica. Also get to see their collection of short fiction, non-fiction, inspirational, classic, horror, funny, moral, mystery, and crime-based ones.

Why such books are so popular

  • Brevity Saves Time: When you do not have time for reading a voluminous thing with countless pages, attempting a quickie such as a short tale is a good option. Reading stories that are spread to just a few pages of a book makes them immensely popular among book-enthusiasts. You don't have to sit for hours wait for the last page to know how it ends; on the other hand, a single long plot that may just drag and drag, and put your patience to test. A book on short stories , can be finished in a day or two, or even hours.
  • Variety Makes Them Interesting: Such books reflect different moods and styles; This makes them interesting to read. Readers always get turn on by variety as presented by a bunch of stories put together.
  • Kill Free Time: Reading them is a perfect way of spending the free hours that you have at your hand. Order these books online and the same shall delivered right at your doorstep.

Recommended Books:

  • The Best American Short Stories 2011 (By: Geraldine Brooks and Heidi Pitlor)
  • PEN / O. Henry Prize Stories 2011: The Best Stories of the Year (By: Laura Furman)
  • A Treasure Trove of Short Stories Workbook: A Collection of Short Stories (By: S. Chakravarthi, RS Gupta)
  • The Cabulliwalah and other stories (By: RN Tagore)
  • Gotta Have It: 60 Stories of Sudden Sex (By: Rachel Kramer Bussel)