Book Review of I Too Had A Love Story

I Too Had A Love Story is the debut novel of the young Indian author Ravinder Singh or Ravin as he is fondly called. This novel is all about falling in love with nothing but honesty in your heart, and that is something that is rarely present these days.

Since its launch, this book has gone on to win many laurels. The main reason for the success of this book, according to me, is the pure honesty with which it is written and that is what connects it to its readers. It is a tale of true and painful love which is something we all have experienced in our life sometime or the other. It is because of this reason only that this book has become a national bestseller and very popular among the youth.

Ravin captures the beauty of romance in an exquisite manner in I Too Had A Love Story. The emotions that come out through words make you relive those moments when you shared your first kiss. I could literally feel the emotions in my own heart while going through this amazing book and was actually moved to tears by the end of it.

The book, I Too Had A Love Story, tells the tale of four friends who meet up after a long time and share stories from yester-years. After their reunion, everyone goes back to their old life except for Ravin, who befriends a girl on a matrimonial site thanks to his discussion with his friends. What follows next is a whirlwind romance that leaves your heart with both joy and sadness.

The best part about this book is that the author has written this book not only for the readers but also for himself. It is through his words that he is reliving the entire story of his life once again. He has captured every small conversation and every small emotion in a perfect manner.

The two protagonists in the book, Ravin and Khushi, make for a wonderful pair. While one is down-to-earth, the other is chirpy and vivacious. The chemistry between them can actually be felt by the reader and this is where the author gets maximum points. This story of pure love is very well-written.

I Too Had A Love Story is now available at all leading bookstores and is priced very reasonably. My suggestion would be to read some more detailed reviews of the book and then buy it from some online retailers as they offer the maximum discounts on books.