Book Review of Ecumensus


Ecumensus By Clifford Lane Mark

If you knew we were on the verge of a shift of consciousness, what would you do? Would you be a part of it? Would you hide from the change? Deny it? Notice it? Forever, there have been wise ones, enlightened ones who have told us that we could do as they do, be as they are. We have been lost in the process and sometimes lost sight of the goal.

The character Thomas Walls was drawn to do something in preparation for an event so monumental it would change the course of humanity for the next two thousand years. As synchronicity works, the people that needed to be planners for the event came together. They were given clues that had been presented by a guru, so that they would be sure of the ones who would come to teach. The souls of the masters reborn to show us the way didn't really need to have clues foretell of their coming though. They were known when the time came.

The planning of the gathering at a sacred spot all fell into place over months of work. Would it have occurred regardless? The planners learned much along the way and shared of themselves. In this sharing the reader also learns to let go of beliefs, look for their own path to enlightenment and embrace what becomes. The pinnacle of the book, the event itself, is much anticipated.

The writing is well executed and the story purposeful. The beginning is a bit slow but the momentum of the plot builds like the path up the sacred mesa. It is well worth the exercise. A book with a different kind of vision, "Ecumensus" is full of hope, promising a new age of enlightenment that I sincerely wish to be non-fiction.

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