Book Review: Alcohol: It's History, Pharmacology, and Treatment by Mark E. Rose, Cheryl J. Cherpitel

A fresh invigorating look into the field of addictions treatment, this book Alcohol: It's History, Pharmacology, and Treatment by Mark E. Rose, Cheryl J. Cherpitel is a must have for an addictions sufferer and professional.

This comprehensive work takes the reader from the soup to nuts of addiction, covering such topics as:

  • History of Alcohol Use, Alcoholism, and Treatment in the US
  • The Demographics of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
  • Societal Impact of Alcohol Use, Dependence
  • Alcohol Withdrawal and Its Management
  • Twelve Steps and Other Self-Help Therapies
  • Professional Treatment of Alcoholism
  • Meditation of Recovery from Alcoholism
  • Trends in the Treatment of Alcoholism

Chapter 1 provides a way of understanding the origin of current treatment approaches and the nature of attitudes toward alcoholics. Chapter 2 moves into the statistics on alcohol use, problems, demographics, and factors that place people at greater risk. Chapter Three discusses the impact of alcoholism on public health.

Chapter 4 outlines the biology of alcoholism, and the way it changes the structure and function of the brain. Chapter 5 discusses the effects of withdrawal on a person, it's signs and symptoms, factors affecting it's severity, and medication used to manage it. Chapter 6 gives us an in-depth look into Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), its demographics, structure, program, and spiritual framework.

Chapter 7 discusses the history of treatment outcome reporting, improvements in research methodology and evaluation of treatment outcomes, and elements found to be common in successful recovery. Chapter 8 gives a detailed discussion of meditation and spiritual components of recovery, approaches, and exciting research about its positive effect on brain structure and function. Chapter 9 finishes up with a view of current trends related to treatment, such as, growth of recovery communities, specialization of the twelve step programs, and the growing influence of electronic communication and it's effect on the field for professionals, those in recovery, and those who support such folks.

A quote from Mark Rose, "… this book provides the reader with the most up to date, state-of-the-art knowledge and understanding of alcoholism and alcohol-related problems.” This work is all of that and more. Sure to become a canon in the libraries of successful treatment professionals, Alcohol: It's History, Pharmacology, and Treatment by Mark E. Rose, Cheryl J. Cherpitel will prove a hallmark work from the academic, the professional, and to those who suffer from the effects of the disease. I highly recommend you pick up this book.